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Made up mostly of glass conservatories have a glass roof and walls and attach to your property on one or two sides. Rather than opening up your exisiting space they are used as an additianal room that can be enjoyed all year round. 


Conservatories come in many sizes, shapes and styles

It's good to research exisiting conservatories so you can begin to picture your perfect space. 

Once you have an idea book an appointment with us to help you make the right decision. 


Gable ~ Brickwork ~ Knock Outs ~ Lanterns ~ Extensions



One of the most popular styles. It includes a bay front, steeply pitched roof and ornate ridge details. Aviable as a three or five facet gives the conservatory a rounded effect which complements most properties.



They are mostly flat fronted and symetrical rectangular shape, making the lay out of furniture easy. Typically they have a high sloping style roof for a bright, airy and uplifting room. 



A simple and classic design gives  a sturdy structure and perfect views of your garden. With clean lines, rectangular in shape and a three-sided roof pitch, it delicately complements any home.  



Also known as a sun room or medieterain garden room, is a very simple shape. It allows maximum space and usually mirrors the external wall of your home. The roof runs from your exisiting building to the front of the conservaroty capturing the winter's sunlight and convert it to heat. Mostly rectangle to maximise space. 



P-shape are ideally a style for larger detached property as it combines a Lean-to with a Victorian conservatory, which can either be three-faceted or five-faceted.

T-shape work best on larger properties and it is a combination conservatory style featuring a central projection. It can be Victorian, Gable or Georgian style and is very versatile to create a distinct living space.

L-shape is a completly bespoke self build conservatory. This design is used when building around or into a corner. It is a combination of a Lean-to and a Georgian conservatory.



A megestic design that looks great. It is a bold and decorative style which suits the modern adaptations of todays modern design. It is one of the most popular conservatories because it has more roof styles and decorative glass to suit your taste. 

  Apart from choosing the style, size and shape you also need to think about the design.  

                               Follow the steps below to design your perfect conservatory... 

Step 1: The frame

Upvc - Easy to clean, comes in a variety of sizes and colours. Can adapt to existing brickwork or be apart of new build. Depending on the roof can also come in a range of styles. 

Aluminium - Extra functional, maintenance free. Can complement the clear fine lines of modern design.

Step 2: The Roof

Glass - Can be tinted and self cleaning. Allows more natural light to project into the room. Minimum maintainance and energy efficeint. Flows lovely into the surrounding windows and can be used on any style.

Polycarbonate - It is a strong thermoplastic material that is lightweight and can withstand extremly high and low temperatures. It is a great choice for conervatories or patio spaces to protect from sunlight. Limited styles of conservatories are suitable for this roof however it can be adapted to any width or length. 

Step 3: The Doors

Bi-folding - Doors that come with 3 or more fragments and run the length of your exisiting wall. They fold neatly to one side allowing your outside to become your indoors. Lovely to have when your hosting the perfect garden party.

French - Double doors which usually open outwards giving you the full use of the width in which they are installed. 

Sliding - Great space savours. They slide horizontally, usually parallel to the wall, with no hinges. Mounted on top of a bottom track. Some can glide into a wall when opened and are energy efficient. 

Step 4: The Glass

Frosted or Patterned - Translucent to distort figures they are perfect for privacy on a boundry wall. Also used on roof's to reduce the beaming sunlight. Frosted is usually sandblasted clear glass which keeps a smooth finish whilst patterened has many design with a textured finish.  

Clear  & Tinted - Transparent to allow maximun natural light and views of your outside area. The roof can usually come in self clean with an option to tint to reduce maintainance and light glare.

The posibilities are endless. We can help you make the right decision. Visit the contact us page today.