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C O M P O S I T E   D O O R S

Choosing the right door can be challenging. With over 900 billion combinations available we can help along the way to picking the ideal door for you.

These are our most popular and upcoming  doors. Made up from a variety of materials combined to give a strong, secure and attractive look to your home, that will not fade. Weathered so they have no reaction to the seasons, very energy efficient and requires only a damp cloth for cleaning. 

Below are some examples of the Composite Collections we can offer: 
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Victorian Styles

2 Panel 2 Square

2 Panel 2 Angle

2 Panel 1 Arch

2 Panel 1 Square

2 Panel 2 Arch


Edwardian Styles

4 Panel 2 Square

6 Panel

4 Panel 1 Arch

4 Panel 2 Square

2 Panel 2 Square 1 Arch


Georgian Styles

2 Panel Sunburst

4 Panel Sunburst

2 Panel Grill


Country Styles


Cottage Half Glaze


1 Square


Contemporary Styles

Twin Side


4 Square

3 Square



Our range of Endurance┬« residential composite doors are renowned for their strength and security. Made up of 17 laminations of veneered solid timber, Endurance┬« are nearly 10% thicker than most composite doors, making them the perfect choice to secure your home. 

For more information visit our Contact Us page, we are ready to assist you. 

Sample colour charts and brochures can be supplied at a booked appointment.