Clarke's Glazing

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R O O F   L I N E

Clarke's Glazing Limited offer a range of styles and colours of uPVC work. Contact us today for your free appointment and quotation. 

Cladding- A protective layer of mat what separates a buildings interior elements from the outside. It comes in a range of colours and can enhance the look of your property. It can be used in a small space for decoration or to cover the complete side of your building. It's weather resistant, easy to clean and a cheap alternative to brickwork. 

Soffit- Tucked away under the fascia board. Comes in a variety of colours and can be vented. Can enhance the look of your property.

Fascia- Long straight board runs along the lower edge of the roof. Fixed directly to the roof trusses and supports the bottom row of tiles. Comes in variety of colours and fixates guttering. 

Guttering and downpipes- The make up system of rainwater disposal. Available in different shapes and colours.

Conservaflash- A bespoke pre-formed PVC flashing system. It's stepped flashing to incoporate weather bars and saddles the ridge flashing trim tightly for excellent weathering. Available for a range of conservatory styles.